Choosing between Prosperity and Democracy in South Korea

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South Korea has celebrated for becoming one of the wealthiest countries in Asia along with being a country that high encourages innovation and technology. As a country that displays pride through the years for their development in various new tech in countering global issues, one of the factors that make South Korea a country of excellence is how their economy is able to recover so quickly after the war without relying on external assistance from the United States.

However, while Korea may be viewed as a successful country with pride, they also have many challenges to face for both local and global issues. The political and economic progress that has been developed over the years is the main challenge that many Korean leaders face. One of the problems that continue to worsen is the gap between poor and rich citizens. Two controversial issues surfaced in 2015 that reflects the country’s concerns with the reformation of new labor and adopting history textbooks that are government-mandated.

Like all countries, South Koreans are facing economic challenges that are yet to be solved. With these problems at hand, they are also playing high expectations that the Korean government will be able to hold onto democratic principles. With South Koreans participating into the active opposition for proposing the use of government-mandated textbooks and new labor reforms shows that the economic advancement in Korea relies on democratic sacrifice

Even so, South Korea is actively participating in forums and conferences in hopes to tackle the financial challenges faced within the country and worldwide. In 2010, South Korea became the first non-G8 country to host the first G20 Summit in Seoul lead by Dr. Sakong Il, marking this event as one of the true milestones for the country in achieving a better future.

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