Different Tips On How To Make Your Pets Stronger In Global Mu Origina

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Have you ever tried playing Global Mu Origin? Did you know that one of the factors that you are going to consider is choosing the right companion or in-game terms, choosing the right pet? If you notice, Global Mu Origin is only one of the few MMORPG mobile game applications that have a pet or a companion when fighting a battle. The pets in the Global Mu Origin will help you increase your attack points which will be helpful for defeating monsters. Not just that, but the pets in the game is also capable of increasing your defense points, which is needed in order for you not to be killed so easily in the game.

So, moving on, let us now talk about the different skills of the pets in the Global Mu Origin. In this game, there will be 24 pets in the game and each of the pet belongs to different types. There are 3 types of pets in the game specifically the Attack Pets, Defense Pets and lastly, the Hybrid Pets. Let us talk about the first type of pet which is the Attack Pets. These Attack Pets such as the Imp, Demon, Roch, Freezer, Red Dragon and lastly the Garuda, these pets can have additional properties like having an increase of 5% in Accuracy, Extra Damage, Attack Damage, Critical Damage Chance, Deadly Damage Chance, and lastly the Excellent Damage Chance.

The Defense Pets like the Guardian Angel, Guardian Spirit, Fairy, Soul Dragon and Bone Dragon, these pets have an increase of 5% in their maximum hp, resist critical damage chance, reflect damage, reduced damage, evade and lastly in defense. The last type would be the Hybrid Pets. The pets that belong to this group is the Golden Hatchling, Unicorn, Pegasus and Chaotic Blue. Those pets that belong in this group will have both the Attack and Defense Properties.

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