The Side Effects of CBD

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a relatively new therapeutic drug that is still undergoing numerous studies in terms of both good and negative effects. The amount of attention acquired by people self-prescribing cannabidiol has made the drug itself popular. However, with all the benefits reported previously by cannabidiol users, is it a hundred percent safe to use on a daily basis? According to an article written by Kit O’Connell from the Ministry of Hemp, it was discovered that any side effects given from the consumption of cannabidiol is often minor and the benefits outnumber the number of reports regarding symptoms of discomfort.

Not only that, marijuana is used globally and are still extremely safe as a recreational drug. But the main difference between cannabidiol and marijuana is that cannabidiol does not contain THC, which is the chemical that is supposed to make you feel high. That way, people can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without entering a state of overwhelming euphoria.

Even so, like all prescription drugs, there are still side effects that happen if you consume more than the recommended dosage. Cannabidiol potential side effects may include drowsiness, dry mouth, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, and a possible increase in tremor for certain patients with Parkinson’s disease. It is important for those with Parkinson’s disease to consult their doctor before using cannabidiol or begin ingesting it with small doses to prevent the possibilities of worsening their tremor.

It is important not to worry about the side effects too much unless you’re consuming a lot of it. Besides, the side effects are uncommon to have and the most you might get is feeling light in the head. Wondering where you can get your hands on some cannabidiol? Visit CFTO CBD at

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